2BSURE  is a locally owned and operated provider of Substance Abuse Services in Saskatoon serving areas throughout Western Canada. 

Our team of certified professionals can help employers prevent injuries, reduce liability and grievances, while assisting to protect workplace safety, productivity, and profit. We accomplish this by successfully navigating employer policy and aligning with labour and employment laws in relation to substance misuse.

Our team brings almost 100 years of combined experience in providing employee Assessment and Recommendations, Management/Supervisor Training and Educational Workshops, Consultation and Guidance.

Specialized Certification Is the Difference. 2BSURE consultants are:

  • Internationally certified alcohol & drug counselors (ICADC)
  • Qualified Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) through U.S. DOT
  • Experienced in Return to Duty processes for safety-sensitive employers & employee
  • Consistently qualified as expert witnesses
  • A helpful tool to balance workplace safety and human rights
  • Specifically trained to help navigate safety and substance misuse situations

More specific info? 

Events that may trigger an assessment include but are not limited to: positive alcohol and/or drug tests (pre-employment, post-incident or near miss, follow-up/unannounced, return to duty/work, random), self-disclosures of substance misuse and reasonable suspicion situations.

Comprehensive Assessment results are interpreted to include an impression of whether the employee meets criteria for a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) or not. Recommendations for most appropriate next steps are provided based on assessment results.

Our training and educational workshop offerings are world class. They are led by experienced facilitators that are knowledgeable regarding return to work processes and safety-sensitive implications and are updated regularly to reflect current trends and customer feedback. Trainings can be provided on-site and tailored to company needs.

Customers Say
Kathryn S.
Innovation Place
HR Professional

As part of our Alcohol and Drug policy implementation, we brought 2Bsure in to facilitate reasonable suspicion training for our supervisor group. Scott and Dwayne did an excellent job of connecting with our supervisors and reinforcing information that had been introduced through our policy. They also used situational examples through which our supervisors could apply our policy and determine whether they’d proceed with alcohol & drug testing. Scott and Dwayne work well as a team, keeping a relaxed and open atmosphere where people can ask questions and learn from one another. We would definitely consider them for any future training needs in this area. 

Brian Pfefferle
Pfefferle Law Office

I have enlisted the services of Ms. Hearn numerous times over the last few years to assist with clients facing serious alcohol-related charges and addiction issues. She has provided expert testimony, assessments, advice, treatment plans, and assisted in intervention strategies that prevent reoffending. As an expert witness, I have found her to be incredibly honest, thorough and forthright. It is not surprising that her testimony has been repeatedly accepted by Courts in Saskatchewan and referred to in a complementary fashion by those same Courts.

When Ms. Hearn provides treatment proposals, I have found her plans to be both realistic and effective. There is little doubt that she has played an integral role in the recovery and reintegration of impaired driving offenders. Where appropriate, she has deviled strategies that have prevented some of these offenders from facing significant incarceration.

As impaired driving offences remain a significant part of my legal practice, I will continue to utilize her services and would encourage others in need of these types of services to do the same. You and your clients will be well served as a result.

Safety-sensitive employee

The SAP was very thorough and the process was smoother than I thought it would be. I got the help I needed to get back to work safely.

Safety-conscious employee

My SAP recommendation was for education prior to return to duty, I came thinking I would get a lecture on alcohol and drugs for two hours. Instead, I found the information and discussion regarding alcohol, drugs and safety-sensitive work very informative.

Brad Zerr
JNE Welding
Shop Superintendent

We recently enlisted the services of 2BSure. We found Scott and the team very responsive,
knowledgeable, and accommodating in helping us address our “Fit for Duty Supervisor training”

Bob Hamm
Loraas Environmental

I attended the recent Reasonable Suspicion training that was facilitated to our company by
Scott. I found it extremely helpful in identifying a current employee that is using drugs regularly.
This class has given me insight and tools to more effectively deal with this and other substance
mis-use safety situations.

Jordan Gifford
Loraas Environmental

The Fit for Duty training Scott provided was very informative, insightful, and practical. This was
provided on-site so we didn’t have to travel and it allowed us to have deeper internal
discussions. I would recommend this course to all companies and their supervisors to help
ensure everyone goes home safe each day