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assessment and recommendations

The role of a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) is to assess any worker who has tested positive on a drug or alcohol test post incident or near miss accident; has presented to work unfit for duty due to the effects of substance use or self-disclosed struggles with substance use. They assist employers, employees and unions chart a productive path forward through:

  • Comprehensive assessment and consultation using standardized tools and procedures
  • Development of a clinical impression regarding the degree of substance dependence and recommendations regarding most appropriate treatment options


2BSure SAPs determine which of the following categories best describes the use of each individuals assessed:

  1. Recreational use/No substance abuse
  2. Mild substance abuse
  3. Moderate substance abuse
  4. Severe substance abuse (meets criteria for SUD)


2BSure SAPs provide recommendations for next steps geared towards the most appropriate interventions not only help to assist employers, but to help ensure employees are safe\r to return to work full duties. This framework allows employers to balance accommodation with protecting workplace safety– which , assists employers in illustrating e due process, protect workplace safety and productivity, limits liability and/or grievances, and presents more legal options for discipline should employees not comply.

Training and workshops:

Current, dynamic, engaging, expert training with practical scenarios tailored to specific company/industry, facilitated by DOT SAP with extensive experience in RTD processes. Learn signs, symptoms, behaviors of substance use and withdrawal symptoms. Learn how to identify “not-fit for duty” and gold standard process to manage same. Developed for supervisors, management, HR, safety professionals, foreman & lead hands (approx. 3hrs – individual  “wallet-sized” training completion cards and a company certificate given)

 “All things Cannabis” Learn everything you need to know about the complexities of Cannabis in this fun and engaging workshop facilitated by an addiction specialist with his unique combination of academic research, knowledge and personal experience. (approx. 2 hrs. – for anyone)

Learn everything you need to know about “crystal meth” and stimulants as problematic use is skyrocketing in Sk. and making its way into workplaces more frequently than ever. (approx. 2 hrs. – for anyone)

Learn the basics and some practical skills and approaches to better handle sticky situations and more effectively help individuals towards making positive behavioral changes. Training is led by a qualified trainer with extensive experience using MI with substance dependent individuals. (3hr basic or 6 hr advanced workshops available – for anyone)

consultation and guidance:
  • In the workplace, the problems of substance abusing individuals become a threat to safety and productivity. Substance misuse increases risks of accident and injury, lowers productivity; raises insurance costs, and reduces profits. 2BSure can help: Employers, Human Resources & OH&S, Unions, Lawyers, Physicians, and MRO’s.
    • As an employer, HR or OH&S professional, you may be unsure about what steps to take when you discover one of your employees has been abusing alcohol, drugs or prescription medication.
    • As a union representative, you may need reassurance that a union member hasn’t been wrongly disciplined or terminated.
    • As a lawyer you may require more detailed information.

    2BSure can help with policy and process development and all your training or education needs.

    Our dedicated caring and compassionate team works closely with you and your support teams to customize our services to achieve your goals. 

    Whether we are building a company safety training program, providing guidance on policies or working directly with employees to help ensure a safe and productive workspace, our Partners consultants lead with their passion for helping people.

More Services
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Addiction Counseling:

Looking for assured quality and competence?

Looking for professional help?

  • One to one addictions counseling (motivational interviewing, brief solution-focused therapy. detailed recovery concepts and tailored sobriety/wellness plans and strategies)
Return To Work:
  • Training on “Recovery Informed” workplaces and increasing recovery capital
  • Assisting in defining levels of accommodation
  • Liaising with medical and other recovery-oriented professionals
Support and Follow-up Counseling:
  • Information on services available both public and private (detox, outpatient programming, inpatient residential treatment, 12-step meetings, aftercare, etc.)
  • Referral and system navigation services
  • Professional consultation